What is Therapy?

Have you wondered what is therapy and what is the purpose of going to or receiving therapy? The English word therapy comes from the Latin root therapīa from Greek: θεραπεία and literally means “curing” or “healing”. In the ancient greek, it signified medical treatment for an illness or diagnosis. In mental health the word therapy is a synonym for Psychotherapy which is the space to provide evidenced-based treatment towards healing the mind. In the past mental illness or any symptoms related to mental distress were labeled as a taboo, stigmatized, a forbidded topic. Thankfully throughout years of medical research, the study of clinical psychology, psychiatry, neurosciences, family therapy and the human experiences in so many different cultures around the world, it is finally now recognized and proven how the body and mind are closely connected and how the human being is a whole person. This is where psychotherapy comes in and it is now recognized as a space for healing from the brain to the body and from the body to the brain. In the past it was thought therapy was only for the mentally ill, for the one who lost judgement. Nowadays we can see therapy from more open lenses and really enjoy the gifts we can receive through it towards our wellness and ongoing growth! Therapy is for you and for me, at any point of our lives, at any moment where we need it, for any issues or concerns in life. From the spiritual concerns, issues with adjusting to life and its transitions, dating, sleep problems to severe depression, panic attacks, post traumatic stress, grief and a wide range of other issues or concerns. We don’t need to label them. Therapy is about life, about you and for you. Therapy is a safe space to develop self awareness, understand ourselves, undisguised our vulnerabilities, see ourselves, identify life issues and the roots of problems, develop a sense of safety, emotional stability, see the different parts of ourselves, the parts that need repair, the different wounds that we carry. A space to learn skills for self growth, a space to see our relationship dynamics and develop the tools to bring necessary changes, a space to heal. Therapy and healing come together. Therapy is a space, a holding space, of endless possibilities to heal internally and wholeheartedly. A space to bring in the connection, the peace and the authentic healing you need and to walk with them throughout a life journey with a deep sense of courage and peace! In Healing Therapy and Consultation we are here to support you in your journey. Take courage in stepping into therapy today!

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