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Welcome to Southern Charm Counseling 

where we meet you where you are

Licensed, Professional Therapists That You Can Trust

Are you feeling alone? Feeling mentally drained or having days you just don't want to get out of bed? Are you feelings overwhelmed from work, school, or life in general? Are you struggling to complete simple task or concentrate on one thing at a time?

Our mission is to enhance and improve your quality of life through mental health awareness.




Lack of motivation

Life transitions

Military transitions


Occupational stress

Relationship discord

Self-esteem struggles

Lifestyle transitions



Our Vision

Southern Charm Counseling's goal is to educate the community on Mental Health, while providing psychotherapy services to promote the ability to cope with life experiences.  

For those seeking comfort, we offer empathy. For those seeking hope, we offer inspiration.

For those ready to take steps in new directions, we offer motivation.

We are where you are.


What Can We Do Together


Improving Your Quality of Life

Individual therapy sessions are geared towards individuals looking to work through personal issues that may root from past or present situations. We want you to become aware of your emotions and learn to effectively manage stress, express your emotions with troubling situations, uproot and move past childhood traumas, and improve your overall quality of life

Psychotherapy Session

Together We Can Make Great Progress

Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For 

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